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North American Nebula on Flickr.

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RICOH_1v2_9 by e r t z u i ° film

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«We do. We also got a few other things, but you should be fine.»

He’s mostly talking about Junior the overly aggressive dragon, but they can just throw him outside and hope he stays out.

«Oh for the love of—»

Sighing. So much sighing.

«As long as Galvy ain’t around, we’re cool.»

No more sighing. You’re talking to the lesser of three evils right now, Megatron, so take the giggling as a good thing.

Also, have a set of coordinates. Blitz will wait.

«You mean Galvatron?»

It’s so tempting to tell Blitzwing that he is already kind of there. Megatron took that name, but it dropped it. But he went there.

Maybe he can tell him later, when the risk of him bailing out is lower.

«He isn’t here. It’s just me for now.»

Have a swirling, green portal opening at your coordinates. It won’t stay open forever so you better move quick.

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Fuck that noise.

«I do have a handsome face and a charming voice to match.» Good, Overlord. Stroke the ego, appease the ex warlord.
«I remember correctly, you’ve wanted to hear me sing for some time now, yes?»

Overlord is best ego stroker.

«  “Yes, very much so. I have this fondness for voices—- the deeper the better—And I’ve found that yours sends a pleasant vibration through my audials.”»

«Does it sound?»

Give him a moment here, he’s just going to casually lower his pitch and speak with a seductive tone.

«So what happens when I do this?»

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PG 0052+251 (Quasar), Distance: 1.4 billion light-years


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                                      ————-those who are damaged are the most ; ; ;

             {          D A N G E R O U S          }

                they k n o w how to [[ survive ]]

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ASKED BY the-chaos-bringer.

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