"Well I’m visiting now, so stop questioning my presence and start appreciating it." He might be loosening his hold around the tyrant, first with his legs then his arms, shuffling back a few steps so he can be in full view of Overlord. Feel free to stare and admire this totally not dead form of his.

Or get slightly aggressive, whatever floats your boat. “Nothing.” He crosses his arms and looks in another direction away from Overlord, not pouting in any way what so ever. What he might think is a pout is just a trick of the light. “I just felt like visiting.”

He may have rolled his optics at that appreciation comment, unsure whether or not Megatron would even care about the look of displeasure on his face. ”Nothing?" It was difficult to determine whether the warlord was simply teasing or had a legitimate reason to be so damn secretive. 

Overlord gripped Megatron by the shoulder and gave a sharp tug. “If you’re going to act like a stubborn child, you must want to be treated like one as well, hm?”  In other words, your not pouting looked really adorable, but made him angry at the same time.

Is it wrong of me to be concerned? You’re obviously hiding something. But as why you would choose to only makes me more curious to find out what has happened.” the tyrant replied with a low growl of his engine.

"The scent of death is permeating from your frame, Megatron."

Nothing.” He repeated more firmly, throwing a quick glare in the other mech’s direction and thinking that it would be the end of the conversation. Usually others stopped pestering him by now, thus allowing Megatron to keep his secrets.

With a startled rev the warlord turned to the tyrant, optics flaring and lips curling back in a snarl. The comment about him being a child stung, but what got him most was how easily Overlord was able to grab and turn him around. It made him feel sloppy with how low he kept his guard, and a touch frightened of the strength hidden away in Overlord. He’d have to be more cautious around him the next time they’d meet under unusual circumstances.

As tempting as it was to throw back more childish replies to his inquiries, Megatron felt that it wouldn’t accomplish anything besides further angering Overlord. He had outed him anyway, despite his efforts to dodge the subject of why he was here.

"I had a nightmare," he glared at Overlord at first but his gaze soon shifted down to the floor. "And it came true."



Don’t be so modest, Starscream. You’re more than just a “tad” impish, you’re flat out devilish.

Such unexpected flattery! Please, no need for you to veil your admiration—do go on.

Don’t be cocky. One compliment is not admiration, just observation.


This is Pismis 24-1 (HDE 319718), a region with spectacular diversity, beginning with its open cluster of neighboring stars, called Pismis 24. Together, they are centrally located within the diffuse nebula NGC 6357, which is located approximately 8,150 light-years from Earth in the constellation of Scorpius.



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anubis, hathor, arawn, bran, proserpine


ANUBIS: How do you feel about death?

It’s an unpleasant experience.

((It’s a thing. I’ve been around death my whole life - farm life, ya know. Animals come, animals go. Some I don’t care about, some… some I wish I could have kept longer.))

HATHOR: What brings you joy?

You and Eve.

((Talking with my friends, hanging out with friends, really good role plays, video games. I’m boring, can’t you tell?))

ARAWN: What is the most terrifying thing you've ever done?

Fighting against my overseers in the mine.

((Walking back out to the barn after my dad just threw a fit and screamed at me with a chainsaw in his hands.))

BRAN: How is your health

…I’m not sure right now.

((It could be better.))

PROSERPINE: Have you ever felt trapped?

Very rarely, but I have.

((I’m not sure. I probably have, but it’s just tied in with hopelessness so well that I can’t distinguish it.))

The more I listen to Woodkid, the more I think Megatron might sound like him when he sings.



'Bonding' is not the word I'd use to describe this conversation. I'd rather choose 'annoying'.

Please. We both know you enjoy being a pain in the aft.

Ah, yes, I can be a tad impish at times, but really, I believe it only adds to my mischievous charm.

Though, unfortunately, no one quite seems to understand my brand of humor.

A pity, really.

Don’t be so modest, Starscream. You’re more than just a “tad” impish, you’re flat out devilish.

[meme] TREE


TREE: What have you done with your life?
What are you going to do with it?

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows what I’ve done with my life. I destroyed the government that shoved me underground shortly after my creation so I could collect the last drops of energon for those in power while they sat in the thrones, doing nothing to help anyone but themselves. I harnessed the power of the minicons and tore down every establishment of that government and worked to build my own. When the Autobots got in the way, I worked to destroy them too.

I’m done with that though. Now, I just want to relax. I might go back one day to finish what I started, but it’ll be a while before that day comes.

((Uhm, I’ve graduated high school? Really, I’m an uneventful waste of space.))

((As for what I’m going to do with my life… I dunno. Right now the main goal is to survive. When surviving is done, I would like to be a veterinarian.))

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